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Connect to data

There are different ways to connect your data source with, and also different ways to use the connection including:

  • To collect metadata and lineage: provides a wide array of metadata collectors that are designed to pull metadata from your systems such as databases and reporting tools. These collectors are used to pull metadata and in some cases lineage from the source and create a graph of that information that can then be ingested into the catalog. There are two ways of running these metadata collectors - cloud collectors and On-premise collectors.


    For details about metadata collection, see this documentation.

  • To create a live connection to your data for query and and analysis: Most live, or virtual, connections to your data can be created with the Connection manager--the preferred method for creating organization-owned connections, or through the Integration gallery.

  • To extract data from your database: Data extracted using a connection is stored on for query and analysis, and can be synced to update regularly through the connection. Connections used to extract data also an be created with the Connection manager or through the Integration gallery.


    For details about data virtualization and data extraction, see this documentation.