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About collections

What is a collection?

A collection is a way to organize your catalog metadata resources into logical groupings and hierarchies. You can think of them like folders or directories. Collections have their own landing pages that can be configured to add sections and fields to provide context about the group of metadata resources in the collection.

You can create different types of collections and organize your collections in a hierarchical structure. You can also apply access control to collections, granting edit or administration access to the collection and the metadata resources contained within to a group or individual. Go here to learn more about these features.

Where do I find collections?

On the Organization Profile Page you can view tiles for all of your collections. To manage all the collections in an organization, go to the Collections tab. Here you can use filters to narrow down the list of available collections and create new collections using the New button.


Click a collection on the Organization Profile Page to see resources that are assigned to that collection.

Overview tab

The Overview tab has an About this collection section and Technical details section.


If the collection is part of a collection hierarchy, you will also be able to view the Collection Hierarchy details and navigate it.

Contains tab

The Contains tab displays the list of tables, business terms, and analysis that are in the collection. From here you can launch the Quick Edit window to edit the resources in the collection.


Related tab

The Related tab displays the list of related resources to a collection term. This tab is only displayed if the relationships are defined for the collection.

Settings tab

On the Settings tab you can see who has access to the collection and give members and groups access to the collection. You can also delete the collection from here.


Navigating collection hierarchy

The application provides a simple way for navigating to collections within collections. 

To navigate the collection hierarchy:

  1. Browse to the collection page that has child collections or parent collections.

  2. You will see the collection with the list of expandable and collapsible menu of all collections within it.

  3. From the list, click a name of the collection to navigate to the collection.

  4. When you reach a point where the collection does not have any child collection, you will see the breadcrumb to navigate back to the parent collections.