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Using a custom_types.ttl file

This article contains the minimal steps to prepare the custom_types.ttl file from for use as-is (includes the custom data types of social security numbers, masked social security numbers, US phone numbers, and masked US phone numbers). If you would like to create your own custom data type, you can find instructions here.

To install and configure the custom_types.ttl file:

  1. Request a copy of the file from support.

  2. Create the dataset ddw-ontologies in your organization., and give everyone in the organization read access to it.

  3. Open the custom_types.ttl file and change change the line @prefix hg: <> . to prefix hg: https//, replacing your-org-name with the agentid of your organization:


    You can find your organization's agentid in the url of your org home page:

  4. Upload the custom_types.ttl to the ddw-ontologies dataset.