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Filtering search results

When you run a search you might get just the result you are looking for on the top of the results list. More often you might need to sort through it a bit to get your nugget of gold.

One option to narrow down the list of search results that you are seeing is to go the tabs (All, Resources, Organization and people, Comments, Columns) on the Search Results page.


Alternatively, use the filters available to narrow down what you want to see. These options are dynamic and change as you start filtering your search results. They also change based on which tab of the Search Results page you are on. Some of the options available are:

  1. Include community results: This option is available only if you belong to an organization. if your organization allows access to data in the public domain, use this option to look for things in the publicly accessible resources on If you do not belong to an organization, you always see the community results.

  2. Resource type: Select from the list of resources. In some cases, selecting a resource takes you to a different tab of the Search Results page. This is the best option to start with to narrow down your search results.

  3. Owner: The organization or user who owns the resource.

  4. If you know other characteristics about the resources you are looking for, such as, Tags, Collections, etc. use those filters to narrow the list of results further.

  5. You may see other options available for filtering, such as Status, Popularity, Steward, Tech Owner, etc. This can vary based on your organization is configured.