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About custom resources

The product offers support for a wide variety of resources, such as, business terms, analyses, metadata tables, and columns. However, if you want to catalog resources that don’t fit under any one of these categories, you can use the Custom Resources to get such data in the system.

The types of custom resources that users can create in the organization are defined in the Metadata profile of the organization. Once that is defined, users can create these resources from the UI and can manage them like any other resources, that is, edit them, view the data lineage (where applicable), make change suggestions, discuss, and delete them.

Process for creating custom resources:

1. Use the Catalog Toolkit to ad custom resources. Identify and configure all resources users should be able to create from the UI. For details about doing this task, please see

3. Create the collections for storing the custom resources. Define permissions on these collections to control who can create resources in these collections.

4. Create and manage the resources from Organization Profile page. Use the bulk upload options to quickly add resources to collections.