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Saving a dataset

If you find a dataset that you like, you can bookmark it to save it for later. Bookmarks are attached to your individual profile, not your classroom organization, so your students won't be able to see the things you bookmark.

If you find a dataset that you want to incorporate into a project or assignment, you can link that dataset directly to a project. We'll get into more detail on how to do that in the section on Creating an Assignment.

You also may find following particular organizations helpful. That way, you'll be notified whenever that organization adds new data or updates any of their existing datasets. Here are a few examples of some organizations you may be interested in following:

Data Journalism Organizations

Collections of Data Curated by the Team

To follow an organization, you can visit their profile then click the "Follow" button. When organizations you are following make any updates, you'll receive an email notification about those updates.