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About the Amazon DynamoDB Collector


The collector can be run in the cloud or on-premise using docker or JAR files.

Use this collector to harvest metadata for Amazon DynamoDB tables and streams.


The latest version of the Collector is 2.212. To view the release notes for this version and all previous versions, please go here.

What is cataloged

The collector catalogs the following information from Amazon DynamoDB.

Table 1.


Information collected


  • Name

  • ARN (Amazon Resource Name)

  • Status

  • Item Count

  • Size (Bytes)

  • Creation Date Time

  • Deletion Protection Enabled

  • Table Class

  • Provisioned Throughput: Read Capacity, Write Capacity, Last Decrease Date Time, Last Increase Date Time, Number of decreases today

  • Attribute Definitions: Attribute Name, Attribute Type

  • Partition key

  • Sort key

Global Secondary Indexes

  • Index Name, Index Size (Bytes), Index Status, Index ARN, Item Count, Partition key, Sort key

Local Secondary Indexes

  • Index Name, Index Size (Bytes), Index ARN, Item Count, Partition key, Sort key


  • ARN (Amazon Resource Name), Status, View Type, Creation Request Date Time, Partition key, Sort key

Relationships between objects

By default, the catalog will include catalog pages for the resource types below. Each catalog page will have a relationship to other related resource types. Note that the catalog presentation and relationships are fully configurable, so these will list the default configuration.

Table 2.

Resource page



  • Contains Global Secondary Index

  • Contains Local Secondary Index

  • Data modifications captured by stream

Global Secondary Index

  • Global Secondary Index on table

Local Secondary Index

  • Local Secondary Index on table


  • Capture data modifications of table

Authentication supported