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About the Premium Metadata Completeness automation


This automation is available only for customers that have purchased the Data Governance Premium tier.

Use this automation to check the metadata completeness of resources in a collection. This gives you automated insights into the completeness of metadata across your resources, enabling better data tracking and quality control.

After the Premium Metadata Completeness automation completes its execution, if it identifies any resources that lack essential metadata, it generates a task for each of these resources. The user group associated with the automation receives in-app notifications regarding these tasks, and can then act upon the resources to provide the missing metadata.


Only Organization administrators can view, configure, and run automations.

Planning for the automation

  1. Resource types: Identify the Resource Types for which you are setting up the automation, For example, Power BI Dashboards, Tableau Dashboard, etc.

  2. Approval group: Identify the user group that will process the tasks generated by the automation.

How is this automation different than the Metadata completeness Automation?

  • The Premium Metadata completeness Automation is available only to customers that have purchased the Data Governance Premium tier.

  • The Metadata Completeness Automation solely generates a report listing incomplete resources. In contrast, the Premium Metadata Completeness Automation not only produces the report but also creates a list of actionable tasks for the identified incomplete resources that can be assigned to user groups. It then alerts the authorized users to navigate the resource pages, prompting them to fill in the missing information.