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File upload status messages

Below is a list of status messages you might encounter when uploading data files to Please open a support ticket for additional assistance.

Table 1.

Error message

More details

No data could be extracted from this file **

This status will display if a file type is supported by, yet cannot be previewed.

Check for syntax or formatting errors within your file.

Want to see data previews? Reupload this file with an extension.

Currently, depends on file extensions to determine how best to prepare your data. If a file is uploaded with no extension, then you will see this status message.

If you believe this file’s data is actually a known format (say, .csv), then re-upload this file with the new extension added.

Excel files >100MB may only be downloaded.**

Due to how Excel files are structured, in some cases we are not able to fully preview or query the data inside the file. It is, however, still available for sharing and download. NOTE: CSV files over 100 mg can be previewed and queried.

This file type >100MB can only be downloaded.

The file is too large to properly ingest into and is unavailable for queries or previews.

This file is shareable, though some advanced features may be unavailable due to its size.**

This status indicates that a file contains more cells of data than was expecting. In some cases, you might be able to remove any unnecessary blank columns, rows or tabs.

Only the first 50 of 111 files were extracted.

When uploading archived or compressed files (zip, tar, etc), ensure each contains 50 files or less. Any files over this limit will not be extracted.

2 files were too large to be extracted from this archive. **

If a file within an archive exceeds's data limits we will show this status.

Try splitting the file into multiple smaller files within our size limits, then reupload.

Sorry, we can't extract the contents of this archive. It may be corrupted.

The archive cannot be extracted for another reason - it may be an invalid archive or an unsupported file type.

No data could be extracted from this file.

The file is of a supported type, but has a structural problem that prevents its from being extracted.

This file is shareable, though some advanced features may be unavailable due to the size of this dataset. **

If a data file is uploaded to a dataset that results in the total dataset exceeding what can process, this status will be displayed.

Check for and remove any unnecessary blank columns, rows or tabs from all tabular files within the dataset, or contact support for further assistance.

** Note that these errors are related to enhancing tabular and graph data to provide advanced functionality (data previews and queries). The file will still be uploaded to and be available for download.