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Sharing projects

Once you have created a project share it with other users so that they can use the project or contribute to it.

Making projects available to community users

When the project is shared with the community, users can launch the workspace of the project to see its contents, can request access to contribute to the project, can suggest changes to the name, description and tags of the project, and can start a discussion on the project.

Making a project available to community users:

  1. Create a project. While creating the project set the Share with option to No one.

  2. Once you are ready to share the project with community users, go to the Settings tab of the project. In the Access and ownership section, in the Visibility settings, click the Share with community.

  3. A message appears asking for confirmation to make the project visible to the community. Click the Share with community button.


Sharing project with organizations and organization members

You can create a project in an organization and not share it with any members of the project till it is all set and ready for use. Once you are ready that members of the project share it with all of the organization or selective members.

To share a project with organizations and organization members:

  1. Create a project and do not share with anyone.

  2. When you are ready for the rest of the org to use the project, go to the Settings tab of the project. In the Access and Ownership section, do one of the following:

    1. In the Manage access settings, click the Grant access to all members button to invite everyone in an organization to access the project. Sharing the project with all of the organization ensures that as new members get added to the organization, they automatically get access to the project.

    2. Click the Grant access button, to give access to only selective members of the organization. or to give special permissions to certain members of the organization. For example, you could set all of the organization to be able to view the project, but you may want to give only handful of members the ability to edit the project. You can also invite members of the community to access your project.

  3. In the Grant access window, do the following:

    1. If you are granting access to an organization, the name is selected by default and you can't edit it. If you are giving access to selective members, you get the option to type the username, full name, or email . To search for users in the community, click the Search all members link. If you do not find someone you are looking for, type in their email address to invite the person to view your project. If they are not a user of, they are sent an email with an invitation to join to view your project.

    2. Specify if the members of the organization can Discover, View, Edit, or Manage the project.

    3. Click the Add a custom message link to open the text box to add an optional message to the invite.

    4. Click the Grant access button.

Sharing your personal projects with organizations

You can create projects in your personal space and share with an organization when you are ready. You can only suggest projects to the organizations that are setup to accept suggestions.

To share your personal project with an organization:

  1. Create a project in your personal space.

  2. When you are ready to share the project with an organization, go to the Settings tab of the project. In the Access and Ownership section, click the Grant access button.

  3. In the Grant access window that opens, search for the organization where you want to suggest the project. Only the organizations that have the Allow community members to propose new resources setting enabled show in the list. The organization administrators are notified about the invitation and they can choose to accept the invitation and contribute to the project.


Managing access requests

When you make a project discoverable, users can view certain aspects of the project and can request access to contribute to the project. All such access requests are available in the Notification page and on the Settings tab of the Project Details page.

To manage access requests:

  1. From the Notifications page, approve the access request or browse to the project for which access has been requested.

  2. From the Settings tab, go to the Access and Ownership section. Here you can review the request and accept or reject and adjust the permission level for the user requesting access.