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Syncing Grafo model to a dataset

Use this option to add and sync the OWL Ontology that the Grafo model represents as an OWL Ontology (RDF data in Turtle format) into a dataset in

To sync Grafo model to a dataset:

  1. Create a document in Grafo and note down the Document ID from the URL.

  2. Get the API token from Grafo by going to the Developer section of your Account page.

  3. In, go to the dataset where you want to add and sync the Grafo model.

  4. On the Dataset details page, Click Add data and from the Add data from anywhere window, select the Sync from URL option.

  5. In the Add file from URL window, set the following:

    1. Source URL: provide the URL as <documentId> /type/ttl. Replace the variable <documentId> with the ID you noted down in step 1. For example:

    2. Authentication: Set the authentication as Token and provide the token copied in step 2. Click Continue.

    3. File name: provide a file name and click Done.

    4. The Ontology is added to the dataset. You can set the file to sync automatically at regular intervals.