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Welcome to Grafo!

It should be easy to design a knowledge graph, but existing products – while powerful – are frequently difficult to use. Grafo is built to be easy to use, with many features that can help you develop highly complex knowledge graphs and data models.

Grafo offers:

  • Complete toolkit — Everything you need to create, manage, and enhanace your Knowledge Graphs.

  • Collaborate — Invite your team to edit your documents with you in real-time.

  • Converse — Participate in comment threads at the object level.

  • Document history — Track and review changes to your document. Easily browse document history and revert to an older version.

  • Import and Export — Import and Export various document formats, including OWL and TTL.

  • Search — Quickly search and find concepts, attributes and relationships in your document.

Ready to jump in? Learn how to create a Grafo account.