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Creating business glossary terms from the UI


Note that only users with the Edit and Manage access to Catalog resources or to specific collections can add and edit business glossary terms. For details about permissions, see Planning user groups and their access levels.

To add business terms from the UI:

  1. On the Organization profile page, go to the Glossary tab. Click the New button.

  2. You can also create the terms from a specific Collection details page. Browse to the specific collection and click the New Resource button on the Collection details page. Select Business term.

    If you are allowed to create resources in specific collections only, this is the only place from where you can create the terms.

  3. In the Add new resource window, set the following:

    1. Title: Provide a title for the business term. If a business term with the identical title already exists, you are informed about it. In case multiple business terms have the same title, a list of up to 50 business terms will be provided in a collapsible menu. By clicking on a business term title, you can open it in a new window to review its content. Duplicate names for business terms are allowed, and you may proceed to create the business term with the chosen name.

    2. Owner: Select the owner. By default the organization where you are creating the business glossary is selected. If you are creating the business term from the Collection Details page, the owner is set automatically and the dropdown is disabled.

    3. Type: Select from Business term or any of the sub types created for the organization.

    4. Choose one or more collections: From the dropdown list, select the collections for the business glossary. At least one collection should be selected to be able to save the business glossary. If you have not already created a collection, you will not see the option to choose a collection. When you save the business term, the application automatically creates a collection with the name organization_name-collection and adds the term to it. If you are creating the business term from the Collection Details page, that collection will be selected automatically and the dropdown will be disabled.

    Click Continue.

  4. In the Edit resource window, set the following:

    1. Description: Provide a brief description for the term.

    2. Summary: Provide the definition of the term that you are adding. You can use Markdown to create rich content with links, images, etc.

    3. Tags: Type in the tags field to select from the available tags or add new ones.

    4. Custom fields: Based on how your catalog is configured for your business needs, you might see some custom fields spread across various tabs. Set the fields that you wish to configure and click the Save changes button.


    The window is closed and the user is taken to the glossary details page.

  5. On the Overview tab, click the Edit button in the various sections to make changes to the properties of the term. If users do not have edit permission, they instead see a Suggest changes button.

  6. On the Related resources tab, click the Add related resources button to associate the terms with the resources in the catalog. For more details, see the Associating business glossary with resources section in Using business glossary.

  7. On the Discussion tab, participate in ongoing discussions for the term or start a new discussion. For more details about participating in discussions, see the Collaborating on business glossary section in Using business glossary.

  8. On the Settings tab, you can delete the term or publish it to another organization that you have access to.