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Quick editing business glossary from UI

Use this option when you have to apply same changes to multiple terms in the organization. For example, if you want to set the same status, tags, or same steward for multiple terms, use the wizard available to make these quick edits. Also, this comes in handy when you have to quickly move a bunch of terms from one collection to another.


Note that only users with the Edit and Manage access to Catalog resources can add and edit business glossary terms. For details about permissions, see Planning user groups and their access levels.

To quick edit business glossary:

  1. On the Organization profile page, go the the Glossary tab.

  2. Click the Three dot menu and select Quick Edit.

  3. In the Quick edit wizard that opens, first select the type of business glossary item you want to edit. For example, let us select Business concept. Click Continue.

  4. Next, on the Edit multiple Business concepts screen on the Select tab, select the items you want to edit. Click the Edit business concepts button.


    Only 250 terms can be selected at a time for editing.

  5. On the Edit tab, make the required changes. The options available for editing will vary based on the metadata profile configured for the selected business glossary. Also, you will notice that some fields, like Tags, have options like Add to existing, Replace existing, or Clear all values. which makes it easy to make edits to these field. You can use this Edit screen to also quickly move around the terms between collections. Once you are done with your changes, click the Review changes button.

  6. On the Review tab, review your changes and click the Confirm changes button.