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Issue 1: All users see a 404 error page while accessing

  • Cause: The SSO configuration has errors. If the Single Sign-on URL/Assertion URL is set incorrectly in the SSO provider’s configuration, users will see the 404 page or a sign-on loop when trying to access

  • Solution: Check the values of the property to ensure the configuration is correct.

Issue 2: Specific users are not able to login to

  • Cause: The app is not assigned to the specific users profile in the SSO provider.

  • Solution: Make sure that the users who need to be able to access are assigned the app in the SSO provider.

Issue 3: Users do not have access to some organizations in

  • Cause: The system is not configured properly to grant access to users to all the organizations they need access to.

  • Solution: Contact to make sure that the auto-provisioning is enabled for all the organizations users need access to.