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Troubleshooting Power BI Service collector issues

Collector runtime and troubleshooting

The catalog collector may run in several seconds to many minutes depending on the size and complexity of the system being crawled.

  • If the catalog collector runs without issues, you should see no output on the terminal, but a new file that matching *.dwec.ttl should be in the directory you specified for the output.

  • If there was an issue connecting or running the catalog collector, there will be either a stack trace or a *.log file. Both of those can be sent to support to investigate if the errors are not clear.

A list of common issues and problems encountered when running the collectors is available here.

Issue 1: Error authenticating to Microsoft Graph API

  • Errors observed: The following errors are observed:

    • API error encountered getting Datasources. HTTP error code 403 Forbidden.

    • Error invoking Power BI API to authenticate. HTTP status: 401.

  • Cause: There was an authorization issue with Power BI related to permissions.

  • Solution: Review the authentication methods used to connect to Power BI and ensure you have completed all the set up instructions.

Issue 2: Unable to see lineage from Snowflake to Power BI

  • Cause: Unable to parse expression for table {Table name} because it has no expression, so also unable to determine the source. The source table cannot be cataloged.

  • Solution: Enable access to the detailed data source information (like tables and columns) provided by Power BI through the read-only admin APIs. For details about doing this task, please see this documentation.

Issue 3: Stack overflow error observed while running the collector

  • Cause: The collector parser hit a stack size limit due to a complex SQL statement or DAX expression.

  • Solution: Add the -e DWCC_JVM_OPTIONS="-Xss2m" parameter to the command to increase the stack size. For example, the command will look like: docker run -it --rm -e DWCC_JVM_OPTIONS="-Xss2m".... This sets the stack size to 2 MB.

    If you are using a jar file to run the collector, the equivalent java command is: java -Xss2m -jar ...

Issue 4: Warning messages observed while harvesting lineage information

  • Warnings observed: Following error messages are observed in the log files:

    • WARN: Category: Lineage; No datasource value map provided, unable to collect the source table Test_Table (5) because Power BI doesn't provide source info for ODBC connections. Add a datasource value map for DSN: "SQL Server" and run again with the --datasource-mapping-file option.

    • WARN: Category: Lineage; Unable to determine data source information for table Test_Table (5) in Data Source dsn=SQL Server, tables and columns in this source will not be cataloged.