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Troubleshooting SSRS collector issues

Collector runtime and troubleshooting

The catalog collector may run in several seconds to many minutes depending on the size and complexity of the system being crawled.

  • If the catalog collector runs without issues, you should see no output on the terminal, but a new file that matching *.dwec.ttl should be in the directory you specified for the output.

  • If there was an issue connecting or running the catalog collector, there will be either a stack trace or a *.log file. Both of those can be sent to support to investigate if the errors are not clear.

A list of common issues and problems encountered when running the collectors is available here.

Issue: The collector takes a long time to harvest metadata

  • Cause: The large size of an SSRS API results may take long time to harvest metadata. The collector paginates through the results which may lead to many API calls.

  • Solution: Increase the page size (--pagination-limit) to reduce the number of API calls.