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About the Grafana collector


The Grafana collector is available as a private beta release for select customers. Please contact if you are interested in using this collector.

Use this collector to harvest metadata for Grafana resources across the enterprise systems and make it searchable and discoverable in


The Grafana collector can be run in the Cloud or on-premise using Docker or Jar files.


The latest version of the Collector is 2.200. To view the release notes for this version and all previous versions, please go here.

What is cataloged

The collector catalogs the following information from Grafana.

Table 1.


Information cataloged


Owner, created by date, style, type, version, url, slug (human-friendly portion of the dashboard URL).

Dashboard Panels

Title, description, type, associated dashboard, source if exists.

Dashboard Annotations

Title, query text, source if exists.

Dashboard Variables

Title, description, query text, source if exists.

Data Source

Type, title, source json.


Title, dashboards that are part of the playlist.


Title, dashboards that are part of the folder.

Lineage for Grafana

The following lineage information is collected by the Grafana collector.

Table 2.


Lineage available


The collector identifies the associated annotations, variables, and any upstream data sources.

Data source

The collector identifies downstream annotations, dashboards, and panels.


The collector identifies the associated upstream data source and the dashboards containing the annotation.


The collector identifies the dashboard containing the variable.


The collector identifies the associated dashboard annotations and variables, and upstream data sources.

Grafana versions supported

  • The collector supports Grafana version 9.0.0.

Authentication supported for cataloging Grafana

  • The collector authenticates to Grafana using an API key. For the collector to run successfully, the API key needs to have Viewer role.