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Creating advanced searches

To create an advanced search:

  1. Click the Create advanced search button in the Search bar. It opens the Create advanced search window.

  2. In the Create advanced search window, set the following:

    1. Organizations: From the list of Organizations, select a specific organization you want to search. By default All my organizations is selected.

    2. Include results from the community: Select the option to include community results.

    3. Collection Scope: The drop down in the field enables when you select an organization from the list of Organization. The drop down gives you the list of collections, including the Collection hierarchy that you have access to and you can use it narrow down the scope of your search.

    4. Search: Specify a search term.

    5. Filters: Use the search filters to build complex searches. The filter options change based on many criteria. For example, if you have selected a specific organization for search, the filter options will be limited to the organization. When you are creating advanced searches from the Organization profile page - Resources, Collections, Glossary tabs, you will see only the filter options that are relevant to the specific tab you are on.


      • Use the None of the following option to exclude the results you don't want to see. For example, you could use this option to search for all the datasets in your organization that are not in Approved status.

      • Use the All of the following options to include results which meet all of the specified criteria. For example, you could use this option to search for resources that are tagged as Agriculture and Atmosphere.

For example, if you want to find all resources in your organization with the term sales training that do not have any status and do not belong to specific collections, create the following search query.


The search results will look like: