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Bridged connection appliance (outbound)

With some organizations, any incoming connection at all is considered insecure. This is especially true in industries which deal with health or financial data. In these cases, consider an alternative architecture which does not require the organization to accept connections from the open web.

A bridged connection involves deploying an appliance inside of the organization's network—where the target database servers reside. The appliance makes outbound connections at startup, and maintains these connections over time. has partnered with Trustgrid ( to provide this capability. While Trustgrid helps configure and maintain the connection to the network, data is visible only to No data enters Trustgrid's network.

This solution requires a commitment of time and resources on the part of the organization's IT department. They must work with to deploy and configure the appliance. Ongoing maintenance of the appliance should be minimal— requiring time only in exceptional cases.

The appliance runs inside the organization's network and makes outbound connections to:

  • "Data Plane" – data transfer only

  • Trustgrid "Control Plane" – configuration only

  • The target database instance(s)


There are no inbound connections to the organization from the open internet with this solution.