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Appliance requirements for bridged connections

A hardware or virtual appliance may be deployed. If you meet minimum requirements outlined below, virtual appliances are preferred, as hardware deployments require additional time and physical (rack) space.

  • Hardware: 2vCPU, 4GBRAM, 32GB Storage (supports 250Mbps of throughput)

  • Hypervisor/Virtualization: VMware vSphere5.5 (or greater), Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform


Trustgrid appliances are stateless network devices. They require specific vSphere configuration settings to maximize uptime:

  • Set the DRS level for a VM to either PartiallyAutomated or Disabled

  • Create an anti‐affinity rule

  • Do not backup Trustgrid virtual appliances

  • Deploy Trustgrid secondary high-availability appliances on separate physical hosts


High availability deployments require two instances to be deployed and running.