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Managing Sentries

For each Hoot a corresponding Sentry gets created automatically in the Hoot Admin space. To further enhance the experience of the Hoot, you can create Sentries manually and connect them with the hoot. You would want to do this in scenarios such as:

  • You want the Hoot to get more frequent updates than the catalog status update intervals.

  • You have not cataloged all the parts of the data pipeline but you want to use them to influence the Hoot status.

Planning your Sentries

One of the coolest features is the ability for data ops teams to build out a group of Sentries to listen to their pipeline. For example, they could setup a Python load process that connects to all of the dbt Jobs. Then the team can setup various dbt ETL processes Sentries and connect them to the corresponding catalog Sentries. This gives you a full pipeline monitoring system outside of just the catalog status.