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Create a custom field and add to an out-of-the-box resource

In this tutorial we will add a custom field called Data Steward and add it to Information section of the Business terms page.

STEP 1: Create a custom field


Perform this task in the Catalog Configuration organization.

  1. On the Organization profile page, go to the Resources tab.

  2. Click the New resource button and select the Other resources option.

  3. In the Add new resource window, set the following and click Continue.

    a. In the Title field, provide a name of the field you want to add. For example, let us add a field called Data Steward.

    b. From the Choose type section, select the Freeform metadata field option.

    c. From the Choose one or more collections dropdown, select the Metadata profile collection.

  4. In the Edit resource window, set the rest of the properties for the field and click the Save button. You can alternatively also create date fields or select fields.


STEP 2: Add the field to Business terms page

  1. On the Data Steward page, go to the Related tab.

  2. Click Add related resource.

  3. In the Edit a related resource window, on the Type tab, search and set the Type as Business term. Click Add.


    The field is automatically added to the Informational section of the Business terms page.


Publish the changes

View the results!🎉


Perform this task in the Catalog Sandbox organization.

  1. In the Catalog Sandbox organization, go the Glossary tab of the Organization profile page and create a new glossary term.

  2. You will see the page shows the custom field Data Steward in the Informational section.

  3. Click the Edit button to set value for the field.