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About the Netezza collector

Use this collector to harvest metadata from Netezza Performance Server. It collects metadata for database information, schemas, tables, views, materialized views, functions, stored procedures, and columns. It also supports Lineage for views, materialized views, and procedures.


Before you begin, make sure you have obtained the Netezza JDBC driver from IBM.


The Netezza collector can be run on-premise using Docker or Jar files.

What is cataloged

The collector catalogs the following information.


The collector harvests all versions of overloaded functions and stored procedures. Each version has its own title/name in the catalog, but a distinct identifier.

Table 1.


Information cataloged


Identifier, Created time, Owner, Created time, Type, Connection name, Connection port, Connection server


Name, Created time, Schema owner


Name, Created time, Description, Owner, Primary keys


Name, Definition

Materialized View

Name, Definition


Name, JDBC type, Type, Type Name, Is Nullable, Default value, Key type (Primary, Foreign), Size, Index


Name, Description, Owner, Created time, Return type

Stored Procedure

Name, Definition, Owner, Description, Created time, Return type, Argument signature

Relationship between objects

By default, the harvested metadata includes catalog pages for the following resource types. Each catalog page has a relationship to the other related resource types. If the metadata presentation for this data source has been customized with the help of the Solutions team, you may see other resource pages and relationships.

Table 2.

Resource page



Contains Tables and Views/Materialized views. Has Stored Procedures and Functions


Part of schema. Contains columns. Was generated by Stored Procedures

View/Materialized View

Part of schema


Part of Table or View/Materialized view

Lineage for Netezza

Table 3.


Lineage available

View/Materialized View

The collector identifies the associated column in an upstream view or table:

  • Where the data is sourced from

  • That filter the rows via WHERE/HAVING


The collector identifies:

  • The associated column in an upstream view/Materialized view or table:

    • Where the data is sourced from

    • That sort the rows via ORDER BY

    • That filter the rows via WHERE/HAVING

    • That aggregate the rows via GROUP BY

  • The downstream table that has its tables updated.

Netezza version supported

The collector supports the following Netezza version:

  • Netezza Performance Server

Authentication supported

The Netezza collector supports username and password authentication.