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Add a new custom status

Add a new custom status

  1. On the Organization profile page, go to the Resources tab.

  2. Click the New resource button.

  3. In the Add new resource window, set the following and click Continue.

    1. In the Title field, provide a label for the status you want to add.

    2. From the Choose type section, select Status.

    3. From the Choose one or more collections dropdown, select the Metadata profile collection.

  4. In the Edit resource window, select the Status type. It can be Positive, Negative, Neutral. This determines if the color of the status - that is - Green (positive), Red (negative), or Gray (neutral).

  5. click the Save button.


Publish the changes

View the results

  1. In the Catalog Sandbox organization, find any resource or glossary term in the organization.

  2. Click the Edit button on the resource page and in the Edit resource window browse to the Status tab. Here you can select the new status that you just added.