Creating a collection

To create a new collection of metadata resources:

  1. Go to the Organization Profile Page.

  2. Click the New Collection button on the Overview tab > Collections section or on the Collections tab.

  3. In the Create a new collection window, provide the Collection name and select an Owner. Click Create.

  4. The Edit collection window opens where you get an option to add a description to your collection as well as any relevant tags. You can either skip this step, or make your changes and click the Save changes button. Once your changes have been made your new collection is ready to use.

  5. Once you save the collection, you can click the Edit button on the Overview tab to modify the details of the collection.


Note that when you edit the Tiltle of the collection, the identifier of the collection does not change. For example, you will continue to see the identifier with the old collection name on the Details page of resources that are part of the collection.