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Creating collections

To create a new collection of metadata resources:

  1. Go to the Organization Profile page.

  2. Click the New button on the Overview tab > Collections section or on the Collections tab.

  3. In the Add a new resource window, provide the following details and click Continue.

    1. Collection title: Provide a title for the collection. If a collection with the identical title already exists, you are informed about it. In case multiple collections have the same title, a list of up to 50 collections will be provided in a collapsible menu. By clicking on a collection title, you can open it in a new window to review its content. Duplicate names for collections are allowed, and you may proceed to create the collection with the chosen name.

    2. Owner: By default the owner is set as the organization where you are creating the collection.

    3. Choose type: Select a type. The default option is Collection. You will see more options if you have added different type of collections.

    4. Choose parent: You need to set this option only if you want to add the collection as a subcollection of another collection. Leave it blank if you don't want to convert the collection into a subcollection.

  4. The Edit collection window opens where you get an option to add a description to your collection as well as any relevant tags. You can either skip this step, or make your changes and click the Save changes button. Once your changes have been made your new collection is ready to use.

  5. Once you save the collection, the Collection Details page opens. From here you can click the New resources button to add new business terms, analysis, or custom resources to the collection. To add existing resources to the collection, you have to navigate to the resource and add it to the new collection from that resource page. Use the bulk upload options to quickly add resources to collections.

  6. The resources added to the collection are available in the Contains tab. Navigate to the different sections to see the list of specific resources added to the collection. Sort the lists by using the available sorting options. Use the Expand feature to view the resources in full screen mode.


    All the fields show hover text that include complete details about the field when the text cannot be displayed in the column view. For fields like Created and Updated hover over the field values to see the actual date and time information.


    When you are in full screen mode, you can navigate to the different related resource from that view. Click the Collapse button to back to the normal view.


Creating subcollections

Create subcollections to set up a hierarchy of collections.


A collection can have a maximum of 5 subcollections. Only users with the Edit catalog or Manage catalog access at the organization level can create subcollections.

To create a subcollection:

  1. Go to collection page for which you want to add a subcollection.

  2. Click the New subcollection button. Follow the process of creating a collection. The value in the Choose parent collection field is set to the collection you are in and cannot be changed.

  3. After you have created a collection, you can move it to other collections by editing the collection. 

  4. In the Edit collection window, go to the Hierarchy tab and select the new parent collection.