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New navigation for collections, glossary, and resources pages


The new navigation is available only when you opt-in to preview it using the Preview banner.

The collections, glossary terms, and resources pages have a new page level navigation available on the left side to navigate long pages with ease. The collections pages are enhanced with an additional widget that lets you browse to the collections available in the collection hierarchy.


Note that the datasets and projects pages are not affected by this change.

To navigate the new pages:

  1. Browse to any resources, glossary terms, or collections you have access to. From the Resources page, opt in to preview these features.

  2. On the Overview tab, you now have access to a new left-side navigation that makes it easy for you to browse the different sections on the page. This comes in handy when the page has large number of sections with lots of content.

  3. If you are on a Collections page that is part of a collection hierarchy, you will also see a new widget you can use to browse to the various collections in the hierarchy. From the list, click a name of the collection to navigate to the collection. When you reach a point where the collection does not have any child collection, you will see the breadcrumb to navigate back to the parent collections.