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Adding and removing members from user groups

Once you have created a user group and decided the level of access they will have, go ahead and add the members to the group.

To add members to a group:

  1. From the Organization profile page, go to Members tab > Groups section.

  2. Browse to a group where you want to add members and click the Add member button.

  3. In the Add members to group window, select from the list of members on the organization. Note that you can only add members who are already part of the organization.

To remove members from a group:

When a user is removed from a group, any access granted through the group is revoked. Direct access to resources and access to resources through membership in other groups continues to work as before.


Note that when a user is removed from the All members group, the user is automatically removed from the organization.

  1. Browse to the group from where you want to remove a member.

  2. From the list of Group members, click the Delete button next to the member you want to remove.