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About the Snowflake tag application and sync automation


This is a Beta feature and is not generally available to all customers at this time. Please contact your Customer Success Director to find out more details.

This automation is available only for customers that have purchased the Data Governance Premium tier.

Configure the automation to manage Snowflake tags in This automation displays the  Snowflake tags imported by the Snowflake collector on It lets you update the Snowflake column resources with imported tags or append new ones, and synchronize these tag updates back to Snowflake using a simple button click.


Important things to know

  • What resources can be tagged?

    Only columns sourced from Snowflake are currently supported for tagging.

  • Can users select tags from a dropdown?

    These are tags with allowed values, which enables specifying the possible string values that can be assigned to the tag when the tag is set on an object. Dropdown selection for tags is not available in this release.

  • How quickly do changes sync to Snowflake?

    Changes usually sync to Snowflake immediately upon refreshing. Sometimes, the sync can take up to 24 hours.

  • What is the Source of Truth for tag management?

    On enabling Snowflake automation, becomes the Source of Truth for tag management and users setting up the automation implicitly accept this premise. Tags should be applied or removed in to ensure they are correctly reflected in Snowflake. Applying a tag in and then un-applying it directly in Snowflake will not remove it from

  • Are users notified in anyway when they apply tags from

    Yes, the user applying the tags are sent notification emails when:

    • Tags are applied successfully

    • More than one column reference is used in a single request to sync tags

    • Tag quota has exceeded (if there are more than 50 tags being synced).

    • Issues in un-assigning  tags

    • Issues in applying tags


    These notification emails are only sent when the user has the Confirmation notifications enabled.

  • Can I setup multiple instances of Snowflake tag application and sync automations?

    No, only one Snowflake automation should be set up per organization.