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Running a basic text search

A basic search is a simple text search without the use of any operators, such as sales.

In a basic text search the search engine looks for a match to the search terms in the following places:

  • Title, description, and summary of all resources such as, datasets, projects, queries, business terms, file names, tables, columns, etc.

  • Insights

  • User and organization names

  • Custom metadata

Search supports partial title searches allowing users to search for resources by entering just a portion of the title (3+ characters), making it easier to find the right data. Searches also support camel case, making it easier to find resources that have complex names that combine uppercase and lowercase letters (for example, accountID).

If you have a search string with more than one word in it, you can structure your search so that the search engine looks for an exact match of the string or looks for individual words and searches for items that have all of the words in any order.

  • To search for the entire string, put double quotes around that string (" "). The search engine then looks for instances of that exact string and only returns items which contain it. Spaces, hyphens or underscores in search strings are not tokenized if there are double-quotes around the string.

  • Searches with multiple words in them that are not bounded by double quotes return items that have all of the words in the search string.

    • For example, Medicare hospital spending returns results that include Medicare, hospital, and spending, but they don't have to be in that order.

  • Searches for words with characters like : (colon) will return matching results. For example, if you have resources with names like company:product:marketing and company:product:sales, search for company:product:marketing to find resources that have this exact term. Search for company:product will return both the resources - company:product:marketing and company:product:sales, and search for company:produ will not return any results.