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Updating general details of the organization

After you have created the organization, you can go to the Organization profile page to configure important settings for the organization.

Updating general information of the organization:

  1. On the Settings tab, in the Profile section, set the following generic properties of the organization:

    • Display name: This is the name you had set while creating the organization.

    • Parent company or organization: The name of your company.

    • Website: The website of your company.

    • Description: A short description of the organization.

    • Profile photo: Click the Add a photo button to upload a new image for your organization. Once you upload the image, use the Edit file button to resize and adjust the properties of the image.


      Upload images that have an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square). The largest display allowed is 260 by 260 pixels so an image uploaded at that size is recommended. Images that are a lot smaller may not display correctly and can come out pixelated.

  2. Click the Save button. This information is displayed on the Overview tab and other tabs of the Organization profile page . To further enrich the information about the organization, on the Overview tab, click the Edit button in the Details section and add more information. You can add rich content using Markdown.

  3. Next, from the Settings tab, Connection Manager section, you can manage the organization-level connections to external sources of data. For details, see this documentation.Using Connection Manager

  4. Next, from the Metadata collectors section, you can view the collector run summary and generate the YAML files and CLI commands for collectors using the Collectors wizard. For details, see Managing configurations for collectors.

  5. Next, from the Preferences section, set the following:

    1. Define how non-members of the organizations can interact with the organization. For details, see Allowing community members to join organizations.

    2. Default to private membership: Select this option to default user memberships to private mode. This ensures that other users on the community cannot see what all organizations the user belongs to.

    3. Default group for new members: Select the default group in which new members of the organization should be added. The default selection is Authors. You can select from: All Members, Authors, Admins. For details about these user groups, see About user groups.

  6. Next, from the Webhooks section, set the description and webhook URL. For more information about creating and using webhooks, see the API documentation.

  7. Next, from the Billing tab, you can change the plan for your organization.


    This tab is not available in Enterprise organizations.

  8. Next, from the Security tab, configure SSO for the organization. For details, see Setting up SAML for


    This tab is available only in Enterprise organizations which are enabled for SSO. If you don't see this tab, please contact the Support team.