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Finding and Creating Resources is designed to easily share resources with your students. In many classroom situations, educators will either want to find data or upload their own. We'll walk through both scenarios shortly, but first, it's helpful to understand that houses two primary types of resources: datasets and projects.

  1. Datasets are collections of data files, documentation, scripts, metadata, and any other supporting resources to help other people understand the data. Datasets can include one file or several related files. While our platform can host a wide variety of file types, spreadsheet files (e.g., .csv, .tab, .xlsx) are likely to be the most useful for you.

  2. Projects are spaces to help you collect multiple datasets, query data, create data visualizations, collaborate on analyses, and share findings.

In a classroom setting, it may be most useful to think of projects as a place to provide details of an assignment. Datasets would then be connected to individual projects as you need them. Refer to our datasets vs. projects documentation for more information on this topic.