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Assigning Snowflake tags to column resources


Users with Edit access to the resources will be able to do this task.

  1. Browse to a Snowflake column harvested from your Snowflake instance by the collector.

  2. On the Overview tab, in the About section, click the Edit button. If the column already has tags assigned to it, you will see a Snowflake tags section on the Overview tab. Click the Edit button in the Snowflake tags section.

  3. In the Edit column window, go to the Snowflake tags tab. You will see a list of tag categories configured for the column. From here you can add or remove tags from the column resource. To set multiple tags, use a comma separated list. For example, Sales, Profit, Analysis. Once you are done, click the Save changes button.

  4. Click the Sync tag to Snowflake button to sync the changes with your Snowflake instance. If the system encounters any errors while applying tags, you will receive notification emails informing you about the issue.

  5. Note that if any changes are made to tags in Snowflake they will be synced back to only when the collector re-runs. Till that happens the tags in both systems will not be in sync. For this reason, we highly recommend that once you start applying tag values in, becomes the source of truth for tags and this action is not performed in both systems.