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Adjusting permissions of all members in the organization

Members is a special out-of-the-box group that automatically includes all members in a organization and it determines the minimum level of access for all members in the organization. Therefore, when you set the permissions of this group, you are authorizing every user in the organization to have a certain access level. This level of access cannot be removed by adding the users to a group that has lower access levels.

To adjust the permissions for all members in the organization:

  1. On the Organization profile page, browse to the Members tab > Members section.

  2. In the Default access for all members section, set the following permissions:

    1. Select the This group can manage organization settings, billing, and member groups option to allow the users to be organization administrators.

    2. Give No access, Contribute, Manage access to datasets and projects

    3. Give No access, View, Edit, Manage access to catalog resources.

  3. Click Save.