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About the Approve - access request automation


This automation is available only for customers that have purchased the Data Governance Premium tier.

Use this automation to set workflows for catalog users to request access to selected resources. Define the types of resources members can request access to and assign specific user groups in the catalog to process these access requests. Once the requests are approved in the catalog, the information can be optionally sent to a third-party ticketing system where where governance teams and others (for example IT) can then give access to the requested resources.

Planning for the automation

  1. Resource types: Identify the Resource Types for which you are setting up the automation, For example, Power BI Dashboards, Tableau Dashboard, etc.


    This automation is not available for datasets and projects.

  2. Title of button for requesting access: Choose a title for the button that will appear on resource pages for invoking the access request. For instance, you could label the button as Request Access.

  3. Levels of approvers: Decide the levels of approval you want and identify the user group that will approve the requests at each level. You can set a maximum of 5 approval levels. Atleast one user at each level has to approve the request before the users at the next level can process the request. The request is not sent to the next levels if it is rejected by the users at the preceding level.

  4. Decide third-party system: Decide if you want the approved requests to go to a third-party system (such as, ServiceNow) for final action, which is granting access to the requested resources. If you do not integrate with a third-party system, you will have to setup an alternative mechanism to inform authorized users to grant the access to the requested resources.

Elements of the access request automation

  1. A user configured connection to ServiceNow. (optional)

  2. A user configured automation for the organization.

  3. A user configured Request access button (name configurable) on resources pages for requesting access.

  4. System provided Tasks page for approvers to process the requests.

  5. System provided three collections for organizing all access requests.

    1. New Access Requests

    2. Pending Access Requests

    3. Completed Access Requests

How different users of the catalog set up and use the automation

Tasks for automation admins

  1. Set up the ServiceNow connection from Connection Manager. This is required only if you want to send the approved requests to ServiceNow for final action, that is, granting access to the actual resource.

  2. Get the list of resources for which you want to apply the automation.

  3. Get the list of groups that will approve the request.

  4. Create the automation using the information from step 1-3.

  5. Enable the automation.

Tasks for users using the catalog

  1. From the resource page, click the Request access button (name is configurable) added for requesting access to resources.

  2. Create your request. If you wish, you can add more resources to the same request. Once ready, submit the request for approval.

  3. You can check the following three collections to see the status of your request:

    • New Access Requests

    • Pending Access Requests

    • Completed Access Requests

  4. Once your request is approved or rejected, you are notified through an email notification. In the event of approval, you might get additional instructions through a separate email from a third-party system on how you will access the requested resource.

Tasks for approvers of access requests

  1. You are notified about new approval requests through in-app and email notifications.

  2. Click the request to come to the Tasks list in the application.

  3. To claim the task, either click the Claim button on Tasks page or browse to the specific task to see its details and then claim the task.

  4. After reviewing the task, either accept or reject it with a reason.

  5. As tasks keep going through the various levels, the approvers of the next stage are notified. On final approval, the submitter of the task is notified about the final decision.

  6. You can check the following three collections to see the status of the various request that you are authorized to work on:

    1. New Access Requests

    2. Pending Access Requests

    3. Completed Access Requests