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Linking datasets to projects


Linking datasets to projects is the best way of adding data to projects.

To link datasets to projects:

  1. Browse to the project where you want to add a dataset.

  2. In the Project main page, click the Add data button and select the dataset option. Or, in the Project workspace page, click the Add button and select the Dataset option.

  3. In the Connect a dataset to this project window, explore the list of datasets available in the following tabs. Use the search bar to narrow down the list of available resources.

    • Your resources: A list of datasets you have created or are part of the organizations you have access to.

    • Your bookmarks: Shows the list of datasets bookmarked by you.

    • community: Shows the list of open datasets available in the community.

  4. Click the View button to see the details of the datasets and when you are ready to connect a dataset to a project, click the Connect button.

  5. Click Done to close the window.

  6. The datasets linked to the project are available from the Data sources section on the Project main page and from the Connected datasets section in the Projects workspace.