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Updating your profile settings

Your settings page allows you to configure a number of options in the following categories:

  • Profile

  • Account

  • Organizations

  • Billing

  • Notifications

  • Advanced

If you're logged into your account, update these settings by clicking on your profile image (or placeholder image) in the top right corner of and select Settings:



The entries in this section appear on your profile page and will be visible to other users. Settings in this section include:

  • Full name (required)

  • Company or organization

  • Website

  • Bio

  • Photo - this can be uploaded from your computer, connected via Dropbox, linked via a URL, or taken with your computer's camera via the browser.


    Upload images that have an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square). The largest display allowed is 260 by 260 pixels so an image uploaded at that size is recommended. Images that are a lot smaller may not display correctly and can come out pixelated.


  • E-mail address. Only one account is allowed for each e-mail address registered on When changing your e-mail address, we will send you a verification e-mail to the new address. Follow the instructions in that e-mail to verify the new address.

  • Password

  • currently doesn't support changing your username, so if you need it updated or run into any other login issues, please submit a request through a ticket or by emailing


  • Create a new organization in which you will be an administrator

  • Leave any organizations that you are a part of

  • If you have the appropriate access level, manage the membership of the organization and modify the subscription level of the organization


  • Modify the subscription level of your individual account

  • Modify the subscription level of any organizations in which you are an administrator

  • Update credit card information for a subscription


  • Toggle e-mail notifications for projects and datasets and projects that you're part of


  • Access and reset account-wide API tokens

  • Revoke access to any authorized integrations

  • Enable experimental features