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Updating your profile settings

Your Settings page allows you to configure a number of options in the following categories:

  • Profile

  • Account

  • Organizations

  • Billing

  • Notifications

  • Advanced

Update these settings by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner of the top toolbar and select Settings:



The entries in this section appear on your profile page and will be visible to other users. Settings in this section include:

  • Full name (required)

  • Company or organization

  • Website

  • Bio

  • Photo: Click the Add a photo button to upload a new image for your profile. Once you upload the image, use the Edit file button to resize and adjust the properties of the image.


    Upload images that have an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square). The largest display allowed is 260 by 260 pixels so an image uploaded at that size is recommended. Images that are a lot smaller may not display correctly and can come out pixelated.



  • Email address: Only one account is allowed for each email address registered on When changing your email address, we will send you a verification e-mail to the new address. Follow the instructions in that email to verify the new address.

  • Password: Set up a new password for your account.

    Important currently doesn't support changing your username. If you need it updated or run into any login issues, please submit a support ticket.



  • Create a new organization

  • Leave any organizations that you are a part of

  • If you have the appropriate access level, manage the membership of the organization and modify the subscription level of the organization



  • Modify the subscription level of your individual account

  • Modify the subscription level of any organizations in which you are an administrator

  • Update credit card information for a subscription




  • Access and reset account-wide API tokens

  • Revoke access to any authorized integrations

  • Enable experimental features