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Setting up ServiceNow Connection

This is an optional task that needs to be done only If you plan to use ServiceNow to process the approved access requests. You must set up the connection to your ServiceNow instance before configuring the automation.

To set up the connection:

  1. On the Organization profile page, go to the Settings tab.

  2. In the Connection manager section, click the Add connection button.

  3. In the Add an organization-level connection window, select ServiceNow.

  4. In the Add a new ServiceNow connection window, set the following:

    • Display name: Provide a name for the connection.

    • Server: Provide the Service now URL. For example,

    • Connection username: Provide the username for the connection.

    • Connection password: Provide the password for the username you are using to connect to your ServiceNow instance.

    • Client ID: Provide the client ID for your account.

    • Client Secret: Provide the client secret.

  5. Once done, click the Configure button.