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Document properties

Click File > Document Properties to display a popup window containing default values for a number of editable properties for this document.

Document IRI

The document IRI defines the @base and the ‘:@prefix IRI used when exporting the document:


It should be unique to the document. The default is

Use Document IRI as Base Namespace — Check this box to use the document as the base namespace for the IRI.

IRI Prefix

The IRI prefix defines a second prefix, besides :, that can be used in place of the full document IRI:


The default is ‘gf’.

Document Description

A brief description of the document. It is exported as an rdfs:comment annotation:

Additional Prefixes

This list includes all of the default prefixes for a document. In addition, you can add custom prefixes to the list, and delete any of the existing prefixes. These prefixes are all included when the document is exported.

Prefixes can also be used within Grafo as a shortcut to set the IRI of the element. Click here for more details.