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Best practices

This section covers some best practices and further context to prepare you to customize your own MDP.

What should go in the MDP?

Everything required to render resource metadata must be stated in the MDP file. If certain metadata is present in your catalog graph but it is not defined in the MDP, it won’t show up in the UI. If you remove sections from the MDP, those presentations will be removed from the UI, even if there is underlying metadata.

Is the MDP one file or many?

All files in the ddw-catalogs dataset make up your graph. Thus, configuration information can be added as one file, or broken up into separate components. Everything in the ddw-catalogs dataset gets loaded into a single graph.

As a best practice, MDP files can be split into multiple files, such as including custom relationship sections in a relationships.ttl file. Use distinct and informative naming conventions.

Validate your RDF (Turtle)

When you add your graph files to the catalog, the system checks the validity of the file and look for syntax errors - such as undefined prefixes or incomplete statements. Drop the file in any test dataset in your organization to check it's validity and fix errors.