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White labeling the UI


Only users with the Instance administrator permission can do this task. Please contact your instance administrator if you are not authorized to do this task.

About Whitelabeling

Using the white labeling feature, you can brand the UI to reflect your company's colors and incorporate your company's logo. This feature grants you the ability to modify the two logo images located in the UI's header, as well as adjust the primary and secondary header colors for a personalized user experience.


This feature is available in private and single-tenant installations.

Branding the UI

To brand the UI:

  1. Click your Profile icon on the right side of the top navigation.

  2. From the menu, select Admin portal.

  3. On the Branding page, set the following properties.

    • Primary banner color: Hex code for the primary color. Default value is #333d49

    • Secondary banner color: Hex code for the secondary color. Default value is #355d8a

    • Primary logo: Upload a primary image in .jpeg, .gif, or .svg format. The User Interface will display the image at a height of 32 pixels, proportionally scaling its width based on its original size ratio.

    • Icon logo: Upload an icon image in .jpeg, .gif, or .svg format. Use an image that has an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square). The image will be scaled to fit on the UI.

  4. Click Apply branding. Changes will be applied immediately for all users of the application.

View the results🥳

  • Refresh the browse and you should now see the new colors and logo icons.