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Configure Eureka Automations

Eureka Automations™ make deploying and managing your catalog faster, easier, and smarter. The automations use templated SPARQL scripts to automate imports and enrichment of your data catalog including auto-generation of business glossary and relationships.

To prepare the organization for the Eureka Automations, we will create a dataset that stores the complete metadata graph for your organizations and link it with a project. After that all automations will interact with this project.


STEP 1: Create the Metadata Graph dataset

This task downloads all of the knowledge graph as a file in a dataset. Once the file is in the system, we will use it in the eureka automations project.


Before you begin - Note down your Read/Write authentication token from your Advanced settings.

To add the Metadata Graph to your dataset:

  1. Create a dataset called ddw-full-metadata-graph.

  2. In the ddw-full-metadata-graph dataset, add a file using the Sync from URL option.

  3. Set the following properties:

    1. Set the Source URL to (Replace yourorgname with name of your organization)

    2. Turn on Authentication and set it to Token.

    3. Add your Authentication token.

    4. Click Continue.

    5. Set file name to metadata-graph.ttl

    6. Enable Autosync. You must set the file to auto-sync every hour.

    7. Click Done.

STEP 2: Create Eureka Automations Project

  1. Create a project called ddw-eureka-automations.

  2. On the Project details page, click the Launch Workspace button.

  3. Link the dataset ddw-full-metadata-graph created in STEP 1 to the project by clicking Add > Dataset..


    Congrats! You are now ready to start adding Eureka Automations to this project.