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Getting access to base platform data through a Snowflake Private Marketplace Listing

If you have a Snowflake account, can deliver the base platform data (that includes the audit events tables information) directly to your Snowflake instance using Private Marketplace Listing.

The base platform data delivered to your Snowflake account includes a collection of tables and secure views containing platform usage and governance data. It comprises of:

  • Platform records

  • Platform event logs

  • Platform audits logs

  • Derived tables such as fact and dimension tables suitable for building dashboards


  • For this to work, the destination Snowflake account must be setup as Consumer of listings.

  • The audit events delivered through Private Marketplace Listing are automatically updated every 1 hour.

  • You will see the events data captured from the time users had started using the application.

To get the base platform data delivered to your snowflake account:

  1. Contact support to get this delivery method setup for your installation.

  2. From the Snowflake console, get the account ID, URL, and Region and provide in your request to the support team. Also include the name and ID of the organization for which you want the audit events.

  3. Once the Support team informs you that the Private Marketplace Listing is set up, a Snowflake user with ACCOUNTADMIN privileges can view and accept the shared listing.  The listing will appear in the Snowsight Data > Private Sharing menu.

  4. Click the Private Listing entry and then click Get.  Accepting the listing creates a virtualized database representing the usage data in this Snowflake account. You can now view and query the audit data just as you would view any other data in Snowflake.

  5. Grant privileges to other users and roles for the data to be visible to other users in this Snowflake account.