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Preparing to run the MS SQL Server collector

Setting up pre-requisites for running the collector

Make sure that the machine from where you are running the collector meets the following hardware and software requirements.

Table 1.



Hardware (for on-premise runs only)

Note: The following specs are based upon running one collector process at a time. Please adjust the hardware if you are running multiple collectors at the same time.


8 GB


2 Ghz processor

Software (for on-premise runs only)


Click here to get Docker. specific objects (for both cloud and on-premise runs)


You must have a ddw-catalogs dataset set up to hold your catalog files when you are done running the collector.

If you are using Catalog Toolkit , follow these instructions to prepare the datasets for collectors.

Setting up permissions

The user you are using to run the collector needs at least SELECT ON DATABASE permission to access the metadata. Users need additional VIEW DEFINITION permission to harvest column-level lineage from views.

To create a user and set the permissions:

  1. Create a new login <loginName> with password <password>.

    CREATE LOGIN '<loginName>' WITH PASSWORD = '<password>'; 
  2. Create a new user.

    CREATE USER <user> FOR LOGIN <loginName>;
  3. Grant SELECT ON DATABASE permissions to harvest catalog resources such as tables, views, and columns.

    GRANT SELECT ON DATABASE :: <databaseName> TO <user>;
  4. Grant VIEW DEFINITION permissions to harvest column-level lineage from views.

    GRANT VIEW DEFINITION ON DATABASE :: <databaseName> TO <user>;

Obtaining the server information for Azure Synapse

To find the fully qualified server name:

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal.

  2. Navigate to the Azure Synapse workspace you want to connect to.

  3. Click on Overview.

  4. The full server name is listed as Dedicated SQL endpoint. For example <synapse-workspace>