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Syncing your data

Data that is added from a live source (virtual connection), a URL, or one of our integrations can be automatically updated to keep it current with its source. The options for autosync are:

  • Do not sync

  • Sync hourly

  • Sync daily

  • Sync weekly

The setting you choose affects all the files able to be synced in your dataset. The current autosync setting for your dataset is shown, and can be modified, on the overview screen above your dataset files. It can also be modified under the Settings and Automatic sync options.


Files can also be synced manually at anytime by clicking Sync now link from the file preview as below, or via the Sync now button from the file view within the workspace:


If a scheduled sync fails for any reason it will be attempted again on the next scheduled interval and an error message will be indicated in the file preview.