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Connect to PowerBI using Postgres Proxy

On this page, you'll learn how to connect PowerBI to using Postgres Proxy.


Before you connect PowerBI, make sure you have access to the dataset you want to connect, as well as your Read/Write API key, which you can find in the Advanced tab of your profile settings.

Follow these steps to connect PowerBI to

  1. In PowerBI, navigate to Get Data.

  2. Select PostgreSQL database:

  3. On the PostgreSQL database, enter the following values:

    Table 1.





    The organization and dataset in <organization/dataset> format. You can find these values in the subdirectory/second half of your dataset's URL. For, you would enter ddw-doccorp/mydataset .

    Data Connectivity Mode


  4. Select OK, then enter your username in the User name field, followed by your Read/Write API token for the password. Click Connect.

  5. Power BI displays the tables you can bring in. Select your desired tables, then click Load.

Testing and troubleshooting connection issues

Once you have connected PowerBI to, Postgres Proxy maintains a live connection to your dataset. You can test the connection by modifying data in your dataset; changes you make should update live in PowerBI.

If your PowerBI tables aren't updating as expected, verify that you still have access to the source dataset and that you're using the latest version of Windows.