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Advanced search

This article is an advanced look at the search operators used in the search bar on For an introduction to all search capabilities including filtering search results and finding similar data start with the article on finding data.

There is a lot of information on, and finding just the data resource that you're looking for can be a daunting task. Fortunately the robust search options available with the search engine enable you to craft just the right search string to find what you're looking for. From the search bar (located at the top of your homepage and on many other pages), you can search for an entire phrase or for matches on single words. Additionally, you can qualify your search with various operators or perform complex searches combining operators.

Two ways for running advanced searches:

  • Use the Search Builder tool on our main search page. This friendly form helps you construct more complex searches with multiple filters, logical operators, categories, and custom metadata fields.

  • If you are an expert user and know the advanced queries, you can type them directly in the Search bar. See the following table to get you started on the advanced search queries. Replace the resource types and search terms to adapt the queries for your needs.


All the links in the following examples open search results in the open data community.

If you want to


Find all projects owned by "siyeh".

owner:siyeh AND resourcetype:projects

Finds all insights owned by "siyeh".

owner:siyeh AND resourcetype:insight

Finds all datasets that are tagged "health" and have the word 'shelter' somewhere in them.

type:dataset AND tag:health AND shelter

Finds all datasets tagged as "economics" and created between the specified dates.

type:dataset AND tag:"economics" AND created:{2021-01-01 TO 2021-07-03}

Find all datasets owned by "democorp" that have the status "deprecated" .

type:dataset and owner:democorp AND status:deprecated

Find all datasets that have a specific tech owner.

Note: This shows how to use custom metadata to form complex searches.

type:dataset AND metadata:"Tech Owner:brenda griffith"

Find all datasets verified by a specific user.

Note: This shows how to use custom metadata to form complex searches.

type:dataset AND metadata:"verified by:Sarah Smart"

Find all columns available in files in datasets and projects with the term "county" in them.

county AND type:"dataset column"

Find all table columns in the catalog with the term "sales_agent" in the column name or description.

type:column AND "sales_agent"

Find all business terms with the word "bill" in the name or description.

type:"business term" AND bill

Find everything verified by a specific user.

metadata:"verified by:Sarah Smart"

Find everything that has a value set for a specific metadata.


Find everything that does not have a value set for a specific metadata.

NOT hasMetadata:"Steward"

Creating advanced searches using the Search Builder tool

To create an advanced search:

  1. Run a search to get to the search results page. Use the filters on the Search Results page to narrow down the list of results.

  2. If you want to build a completely different search query, click the Advanced link in the Filter section. In the Create advanced filter window, create an advanced filter by using the available options. Note that when you are creating advanced filters from the Organization profile page - Resources, Collections, Glossary tabs, you will see only the filter options that are relevant to the specific tab you are on.

For example, if you want to find all resources in your organization with the term sales training that do not have any status and do not belong to specific collections, create the following search query.


The search results will look like:



  • Use the None of the following option to exclude the results you don't want to see. For example, you could use this option to search for all the datasets in your organization that are not in Approved status.

  • Use the All of the following options to include results which meet all of the specified criteria. For example, you could use this option to search for resources that are tagged as Agriculture and Atmosphere.