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Settings tab

If you are an administrator of an organization you will have access to the Settings tile on the organization's home page and the Settings tab on the organization's profile. There are five screens on the Settings page.

The first is the Profile screen.


Set the following details of the organization from this screen:

  • Display name

  • Parent company or organization

  • Website address

  • Description

  • Profile picture

The Connection manager screen is for managing the organization-level connections. From here you can create new connections, edit and delete existing connections, and manage tasks for connections.


If you need to create a personally-owned virtual data connection you will need to do that through the Integrations interface. Connection manager is only for connections that are owned by an organization.


The Preferences screen is for setting access permissions to the organization and setting up people outside the organization as recipients for organization notifications.


Set the description and webhook URL on the Webhooks screen. For more information about creating and using webhooks, see the article on organization webhooks in the API documentation.


The Billing screen shows the organization's current plan and also has a link to update the plan.