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Processing tasks for Premium Metadata Completeness automation

After the Premium Metadata Completeness automation completes its execution, if it identifies any resources that lack essential metadata, it generates a task for each of these resources. The user group associated with the automation receives in-app notifications regarding these tasks, and can then act upon the resources to provide the missing metadata.

To view and complete metadata tasks:

  1. In the application, click the Tasks icon on the Left sidebar to go to the list tasks associated with the automation. Locate a task that is not claimed by anyone. Click the Claim button.

  2. Alternatively, click the link of the request in the Task List to view the task details before claiming it. You are taken to the resource page. Click the Claim task button to start processing the request.

  3. Open Guidance to see the metadata fields that need to be filled. Make the necessary changes to the resource. Once you are done, click the Complete task button.

  4. In the Review Incomplete Resource window, confirm that you have filled out the required fields to make this resource complete. Click Complete.