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The default IRI for a conceis the Document IRI followed by the concept label and a random string. When the Preferred Label is changed for the first time, the IRI automatically changes to correspond to the new label. For any subsequent changes to the label, a prompt will appear to optionally update the IRI. If a new concept is given the same label as an existing concept, the IRI of the new concept will automatically have a random string appended to it (to ensure it is unique).


The IRI of an attribute and the IRI of a relationship behave differently. The default behavior is to reuse the IRI if a new element is given the same label as an existing element.

Using a prefix in the Preferred Label

Default or custom prefixes can be used in the Preferred Label to set the IRI for the element. For example, if you are using the Person concept from the foaf vocabulary you might use "foaf:Person" for the label. When the IRI is updated, the IRI field will change to include the full IRI of the concept (/foaf/spec/person). See the figure below.


This naming convention also works for any custom prefixes.